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Creation and Money As A Second God

🎧 When God told us to not make money a second God or live for false idols. He was giving us the way to shape consciousness in light and in the direction of Heaven. We didn't realize how life was existing in energy to understand the importance of doing that. We weren't at a level of thinking to really understand we've been created. I don't think we live remembering we're created.

We come into the world already existing and immediately start living at society's level never questioning anything. We haven't been a species living for intelligence. We're not being born to live for enlightenment or to live beyond world government. We're being born to uphold a money realm system which has created humanity living for money as a second God.

Our level of consciousness doesn't understand reality is celestial races, Angels and God. We believe reality is accumulating in excess and becoming famous or wealthy. One has substance and the other is exuding shallow consciousness. When life was trying to teach us to live according to creation we didn't listen. We discarded God and instead created life in what was tangible not realizing it was the illusion.

This writing is to teach us what living in God is for and why we need His energy in our consciousness. Understanding matter is a nothingness only existing at our level of consciousness is imperative for understanding what we're doing on this planet floating in space.

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