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The Divine Light Within

🎧 Every human being is unraveling their Soul in God. Slowly becoming a greater level of Love. We have opportunities every day to live Love through people and situations. Creating in our lives what helps us understand a deeper level of who we are and the divine light within. 

From childhood, we've had many different experiences on a path of acquiring greater intelligence. Humanity taught us to try and be the people society wanted instead of telling us about the light we were of.  We didn't know we were living with everything we ever wanted inside of us. Most people try to acquire material for happiness instead of deepening their relationship with God.

They don't understand who God is because religion hasn't understood what being alive is and didn't have a way of understanding His level in life. God is the light of life.  Every human being will one day have an epiphany that provides a greater understanding of life.  At that moment there is clarity and knowledge that creates a glorious reality to live through. Every person has been trying to acquire that epiphany through money and material but that never deepens the knowing of who we are because it's living in the illusion. 

Only through Love do we acquire wisdom and knowledge. Life was created specifically for what brings more Heaven to our lives. This has been with us since the beginning.  It's the ancient light that has been giving to us throughout the ages but never understood.  Every human being has stored inside of them a divine light with Heaven.

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Adam and Eve Bible Story

🎧 The Tree of Knowledge is representing our world and the complexities in human consciousness. Understanding a deeper level of creation was needed before ever considering eating that apple. They were clueless about life and had no idea how enormous and intricate the world was.

Adam and Eve had no way to understand life and the world at the level of God. God didn't want them eating from the Tree of Knowledge because they didn't live in any level of enlightenment to handle what would be unleashed. They needed to understand consciousness and how matter was existing.

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God Is With Us

🎧 Everyone is searching for happiness through consumption instead of realizing happiness is inside of us waiting for us to realize its light. People try to find happiness through buying things and by placing meaning in matter which matter is transitory. So it's an empty chase. Everything in the outer world is only existing in light for us to recognize our truth as Love.  When we look outside for happiness we seek but never find because ultimately what is outside of us is only born through us. We are the light everything lives in. It's only our perspective that dictates what life is living as.  And when we change our perspective we change the world we experience.

We want to live accessing Heaven while here on earth. Our relationship with God might be living as a Muslim, Buddhist, atheist, Christian, or another sect but it doesn't matter. How we feel in this moment is the perfect place for us to begin understanding how life is living on this planet floating in space. Many generations have established how humanity presently believes in God and doesn't believe in God. But what was established didn't live in God to understand God.

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The Apex of Life

🎧 ✎ When I began living in Heaven it was in a light that would be the same for anyone else. I didn't have any way to conceive it being possible. No one is prepared for experiencing what seems impossible until it happens. When life changes it changes from beyond the world we see. There is a greater intelligence working in life beyond our reality.Living in Heaven while here on earth has been a process over ten years with six of those years living deeply with God. God has been teaching me to live Christ consciousness beyond society's level and giving me knowledge of creation and human consciousness.God moves in ways we can't explain. He doesn't always use the best, most qualified or the people most expected. Even Moses was insecure about His going to Egypt because He was slow in speech. God gave Him the way.  Rather than using the most qualified God's pattern is to use the unqualified, unexpecting, insecure, depressed, flawed, the doubter and the underdog.Just like anyone else, as Heaven came into my life I had to find a way to understand.  My assurance came through carving my Soul deeper into God through Christ consciousness. Even though at the time I was more atheist and didn't have a spiritual practice or religious one. God gave me every opportunity to live deeper in Him. Heaven never stopped opening my world for Christ consciousness.

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