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Human Life

human life

Humanity is living in the conscious space of God. God is the light all life is in. 

God created life to give energy the way to live in matter at any one level of consciousness. Human consciousness...

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Living the Light in God

the light in God living the lightEvery aspect of life is trying to have us become conscious of Love so we can live Heaven while here on earth. The adversity and challenges we face are God faculties giving...

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Living in Matter

living in matterConsciousness is all that is alive. There is nothing existing outside of our level of consciousness. Every level of what is living from whales to viruses is a level of consciousness in photosynthesis giving us the light to observe our...

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All Seeing Eye

all seeing eyeThe all seeing eye has been living in humanity's consciousness only at the level of matter. The human race is living in a level that is changing from matter to energy and from living in a mortal world to understanding...

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