Monthly Archives: October 2017

Life is In Decimals, Vibrations and Resonance

decimals vibrations resonanceEvery human being is living in Heaven in an energy that is hundreds of billions of years alive. The energy is giving every person the ability to live through matter in their own level of consciousness. Life is in decimals,...

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Human Consciousness

consciousnessHuman Consciousness is the energy Love. Consciousness is an energy creating in matter its livingness. God is Love and God created all life to live in His light which is the energy Love. Consciousness is created by God. God gave humanity its first level...

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Love is Heaven

loveLove is the energy giving life the ability to exist. Love is Heaven to everything in our world. Everything in matter is leading to a thought. There is no-thing around us in form that is not inducing some level of thought. We only live...

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Heavens Key to Life

lifeLife is in energy and only what we create through our level of consciousness is in matter. We have life to live becoming conscious of Love. Humanity has been living in a world it sees in matter as the level of the world...

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